• MountainFilm Festival (map)
  • Telluride, CO

We couldn't be more excited to finally share our film with audiences for the first time! Through the incredible support, generosity, and patience of our closest friends and family, we are thrilled to announce that Mile 19 will be screened at one of our favorite film festivals: MountainFilm Festival.  

Please join our whole team and Johnnie in the beautiful San Juans for the world premiere of Mile 19 in Telluride, CO, May 27-30.


Friday, May 27,  7 p.m., High Camp
Saturday, May 28, 9:15 a.m., Nugget
Sunday, May 29, 8:45 p.m., Base Camp

Johnnie will so be speaking at additional events at the festival:

Mister Postman
Sunday, May 29th, 5:30 p.m.
Smuggler’s Brew Pub
DESCRIPTION: Telluride postal clerk JIM LOONEY is a hometown hero who knows everyone’s post office box by heart and runs long distances in his free time. Los Angeles postman and film subject JOHNNIE JAMESON is a Vietnam vet who has run every single L.A. Marathon since 1986. The two endearing characters chat about how running heals, why the mail still matters and other lessons of living. 

Memorial Day Walk
Monday, 9 am., Meet at Ghost Town
DESCRIPTION:  Almost Sunrise subjects TOM VOSS and WOLF WALKER, Mile 19’s JOHNNIE JAMESON and others will lead a short walk to the waterfall in Town Park to pay respect and reflect upon the sacrifices of the American veterans — young and old, alive and passed — who have served their country